Bol'Gan, "Guardian of the Earth"
The Earth-Lord working his Forge.






Elemental Lords, Ereban Empire, Wasteland, Earth Elementals, Wildhammer Clan.


Elemental Lord of Earth, Forge-Master, Keeper of the Sanctuary


Blade's Edge Mountains


His nephew, Thane Bolgar Stoutfist


Lawful Neutral

"Have ye rode upon the rumblin' storm shattered wind? Climbed the ragged peaks till ye arms wavered in anguish and sought ta tame fire with yer hammer or water upon the ragin' rivers? I have lived as the Elements an' I have shaped their ways, a change of life ye must become accustomed ta. Earth is balance." - Inscriptions of the Earth-Lord.


The Earth-Lord Bol'Gan (Bol'Gan "Guardian of the Earth" in ancient Dwarven.) Is one of the five prime elemental lords in the Ereban Empire. He inhabits the Blade's Edge Mountains where it is said that he has divided the tiers of the mountain between wastelands and sanctuaries. Only the most stoic and brave can survive the rite of passage through the wastelands of his domain.

The Earth-Lord is often referenced with the act of forging or creating weapons and armour for the Void Lord's use (Or sometimes a blessing bestowed upon worthy adventurers). As a result, the pinnacle of his domain hosts a sacred forge capable of bending the five elements in harmony to shape powerful weaponry, armour and trinkets.

It is said to be one of the many places where one would find the Earth-Lord and even then, sometimes he disappears all together simply known as the most elusive of the Elemental powers.


In his mortal life, Bol’Gan was a powerful Shaman of the Dwarven Wildhammer Clan, his powers of the elements only matched by his skill as a Forge-Master. As a result, he was often the main figure in charge of crafting the fabled Stormhammers of the clan. His old age had allowed him to see the large expanse of the clans history, along with the epic battles waged in the Second War for he flew alongside Kurdran Wildhammer himself. The old Dwarf promptly retired from his duty upon the closing days of the Third War, and he was honourably presented a lodge in the Aerie Peak to live out his days still acting as a medium for the unpredictable Elements which judged Wildhammer society.

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