Ereban is the Void Citadel of Kaiyne (appropriately dubbed "The Void Lord") it is here that the Elemental Lords of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Arcane gather in the peace of the Elemental council under the disciplined and unforgiving rule of the Void Lord.

Many denziens of the Void gather to this citadel and take refuge in its walls, bowing only to the Void Lord and recognizing his dominance in the Empire.

The Void Citadel
From the depths of the Void, Ereban rises and dominates...


The Void


Ereban Empire, The Elemental Lords, The Ruinous Coven


Rule of the Void Lord and the Elemental Council.


Elementals, Void Creatures, Humanoids, Demons.

The story behind the citadel...

"You don't have to do this Kaiyne!" The young mage of twenty-three stared longingly into the eyes of the Void Lord, her frosty blue eyes hazed and on the verge of tears. "Why must you continually put yourself in jeopardy?"

Kaiyne sighed at her, trying to find the words to justify his plans in the Void Ridge. "I am not meant to be in this world. My assaults, my actions, my sacrifices. Mortals do not simply understand what I have given up. But, I can still give! I can offer them a beacon of hope in these dark times."

Kamali shook her head violently. "Just as it could give hope, it could also destroy you! I've lost you once, must you risk your existence again?"

A shadowy figure flew overhead, carried by large smoldering wings and decorated with blazing violet runes. As he set his cursed hooves on the ground, the area became dark and pale, as if all the happiness in the world fled from his very presence.

"Illdion, what is taking so long. I have been waiting at the Void Ridge for an hour." The Lord of the Seven Hells, Malifecus impatiently stared at Kaiyne, his arms crossed in disappointment.

"Kaiyne, please...don't" Kamali pleaded, fighting a losing battle.

"I'm sorry Kamali, but I must do this. My sanctuary- no. Our sanctuary." Kaiyne glanced at Malifecus. "We will create a pocket of space within the Void, from which Ereban will be raised. Goodbye, Kamali"

"NO!" Kamali raced forward, but before her arms could embrace her former love, The Void Lord was struck by red lightning which shook the earth and disappeared.

About 1 year later...

"I must admit, that when I was first tossed from the very top of Icecrown I did not anticipate any of this. Even as you watched, I could never have forseen this level of cooperation." Kaiyne weaved the magic of the Void through his fingertips. With the arcane energy bending itself to his will, he summoned forth the various pieces of Ereban, using Voidwrath as a channeling beacon.

"Hmph. Don't get all emotional on me now Illdion." The Lord of the Seven Hells also weaved vastly powerful magic, using his own body to channel the energies to assist in stabilizing Ereban. Such magics were deadly, one properly timed interruption and the whole city would crash around them, compressing the energies that held them suspended to the point of combustion. Such a reaction would rival the implosion of the Well of Eternity more than ten thousand years ago. "Whats the deal with that human anyway? You two have some sort of history?"

Kaiyne sighed. "Its a long, drawn out tale. One that I doubt would interest the great Malifecus." Kaiyne quickly passed on a giant tower to Malifecus as he attempted to find and raise more pieces.

"I have time. Besides, I need to know what I am up against should you fall victim to your petty emotions." Malifecus weaved the magics around the tower, suspending it with his own willpower as the two conversed casually.

" old friend of mine. We go back to when I was betrayed by the Church. She watched me rise, and fall, and then be risen." Kaiyne thrust forth Voidwrath, a thick violet beam stretching out into the infinite, pulling an object toward them. Another piece of the Void City.

"Hmph. Theres more to this and I know it. Illdion, do not let her stand in your way." Malifecus glared angrily at the new Lord of the Void. "Do not let your emotions get the best of you either. You are beyond such things."

Kaiyne sighed heavily. "We should continue this when we are not in jeopardizing our lives with complex arcane rituals."

Three months pass...

"Stay out of our way, wretched mortal!" Malifecus flung Kamali toward the infinite depths of the Void, the only thing saving her was her blink spell which returned her safely on Hellfire Peninsula's red soil. "He will have nothing to do with you now. Can you not see how he has ascended? He has become greater than you, mortal! He has become the very embodiment of the Void, the very essence of the paradox within!"=

Kamali dropped to her knees.So stupid, she thought. I knew I should not have gone up against the Lord of the Seven Hells! "I must see him, Malifecus. I must talk to him one last time!"

Malifecus laughed, spreading his wings to make his already massive appearance appear even more so. "Petty fool. You think you can sway his thoughts? You think you can alter -destiny- itself? You truly are a pathetic woman. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, Kamali. Kaiyne has no more interest in the affairs of Mortals, or any 'fleshling' as he would put it"

Kamali shook her head, tears falling to the ground. "No! You lie! Damn you, you are manipulating him! Why can't I just talk to him!?" She raced at Malifecus with all the fury she could muster, and as he spread his wings to defend himself, she blinked past him and raced toward the floating city. Within its walls, she found Kaiyne channeling a powerful spell. She was too late.

"Heh...heh...heh. You see now Kamali? You see how you are too late?" The Lord of the Seven Hells approached her from behind. Enraged and unamused, Malifecus grabbed the young woman by her ponytail and tugged hard, releasing his hold when she was finally behind him again. He turned and faced her with those blazing violet eyes that meant death to any who dared stare into them in contempt. "You are nothing to him now. He has a destiny beyond you. Let that ease your soul, as I remove you from the board permanently. You are too much of an annoyance to be left alive."

Kamali stared in horror as Malifecus took flight and began his incantations. Energy was drawn from the Void, empowering his spell with its essence. As Malifecus released the spell, Kamali assumed a defensive stance by digging her feet into the ground and raising her arms to protect her head and chest. The spell impacted with a terrible explosion that shook the walls of the newly raised city. As Malifecus descended to the ground his wings cleared the area of smoke, and much to his displeasure Kamali was still intact and holding her feeble position. A few moments later Voidwrath landed on the ground pulsing with power.

Kaiyne lowered his arm, turning his gaze to Malifecus. "Someday old friend, you will learn the significance of what has transpired here." The Void Lord held out his hand, and Voidwrath slid across the ground and raised itself to his welcoming grasp. "Then you will also realize why I have spared her life."

Kamali stared at the Void Lord with tears in her eyes. She raced past Malifecus again to embrace the one she loved, only to be stopped short by the sudden realization that she was about to impale herself on Kaiyne's weapon. The blade inches from her face, she backed away slowly. "W...why?"

"Likewise, Kamali. You must learn the truth behind these actions. You believe I spared your life out of love and compassion. Such things are none of my concern any longer. You will come to realize that I spared your life out of necessity, not out of kindness." The Void Lord glared hard at Kamali. "Now, you will turn around and leave this place."

Kamali stared in horror at Kaiyne, confused and emotionally wounded. She shook her head, refusing to believe what she just heard. Gotta stay strong, got to stay strong. The thought repeated itself through her head, but she could not bear it. She took off, tears flying from her eyes. Tears of sorrow.

Malifecus stared at his comrade with a twisted grin on his face. "I am impressed, Illdion. You really told..."

"Shut up Malifecus. Like I said, you don't realize what I have really done." Kaiyne knelt to inspect the ground, damp with Kamali's tears. He drew a rune in the red soil, and rose to his feet with Voidwrath in hand.

"What are you doing, Illdion?" Malifecus curiously studied the blade, its very existence saturated with the essence of the void. Kaiyne's only response was the lifting of the blade and using its weight, shoved the length into the soil. The magics that sustained Ereban dispersed, giving way to a greater magic. Time and Space were torn as the Void enveloped everything. Kaiyne took his blade and stepped back, watching as the magics worked their way into very corner of the raised city. And in the ground formed three triangular depressions, from the center of which sprung magical waters. "Contact Naztheros. Tell him we are ready to accept his forces." Malifecus grumbled, he was not used to being told what to do. He stared at the magical waters and pondered where Kaiyne had learned to perform such a trick.

Some time passed...

The Violet Hold, the prison barracks to which all creatures who pose a threat to Dalaran are damned to. Even the once-revered Kael'thas Sunstrider graced the strongholds cells following the pact he made with the Naga. And now, a single Void inhabited one of the cells. Zuramat the Obliterator, lieutenant of Dimensius. He had been imprisoned in Dalaran for years, to be held forever in one of the Violet Hold's magical cells until another more unlikely visitor reared his ugly head within Dalaran's walls.

"I am sorry Kaiyne, I simply cannot let him go. I understand you are in dire need of warriors, but the crimes he has committed are both heinous and unforgivable. I simply cannot sign the order for his release." Rhonin stared at the Void Lord in nigh contempt for the Void Lord and all he represented. He was well aware of this creatures past. "I hope you will understand, and I pray this will not jeopardize our new pact."

Kaiyne stared at the leader of Dalaran, unsatisfied with the lack of cooperation. "I see. No, it will no more jeopardize our pact than my next action. I apologize for any inconvenience this may create." With those words, Kaiyne disappeared in a flash of red lightning that shook the the walls of the room. Rhonin shook his head, displeased. He was about to leave when the alarms were raised. Shouts from the streets could be heard as the guards scrambled to their positions. "The Violet Hold has been breached!"

Kaiyne knelt down over the incapacitated prison warden. "It is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected that my request was denied. Sleep, you will find your prison to be quite safe if only missing a single inmate." Kaiyne got up, and glanced at the cells. Using his inherent gift to detect void presence, he sought out and discovered the cell of one of the old lieutenants of the late Dimensius, known as Zuramat the Obliterator. During the assault of the Blue Dragonflight, Zuramat was re-imprisoned by the same heroes that repelled the attack. Kaiyne glanced at the energies containing him. "I have a proposition for you, Zuramat. You served Dimensius well in the war against the Ethereals, but you were sent to your undoing at the hands of the Dalaran Mages. I will not offer you vengeance, but rather a chance to turn over a new leaf. You have known hatred for so long. Hatred toward those who betrayed you. Stand by me and you can use your experience to mold a new Void Empire, one that does not only conquer. What say you, Zuramat?"

Zuramat stared at the Void Lord for a moment, taking in the elegance of the Lords form. Though he was humanoid to the naked eye, Zuramat's vision was far different. He gazed at the Voids unbound form. He took note of the intense stare and the crystalline formations extending from his back. He also stared at his own two hands, and knew that the Void Lord was right. Vengeance was below them, but together they could change their entire race. "Yes... I... Submit..."

Kaiyne could only grin. Taking Voidwrath, he struck the seal holding him, unleashing various horrors in the process. Fleshlings, to think they could stand against the Void and survive. The two fought boldly against the masses, subduing each of them in turn. A sudden burst of magic interrupted their fun. Dalaran's guards poured into the Violet Hold, with Rhonin at the front. Kaiyne grinned. "Out of time it seems, I guess I will be leaving." Kaiyne unleashed a Chaos Burst which enveloped the room. Rhonin put up his mana shield just in time, only to watch Kaiyne and Zuramat be transported out of the Hold.

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