Ilm'Atar the Wind Maiden
IlmAtar Colored


Air Elemental, Human (Formerly)




Elemental Lords, Ereban Empire, Order of the Four Winds


Elemental Lord of Air, Leader of the Order of the Four Winds




Countless Air Elementals


Neutral Good


Known as the Wind Maiden, Ilm'Atar is one of the five Elemental Lords of the Ereban Empire. Making her home in the region of Nagrand, she gladly welcomes anyone to her home city, taking in quite a few refugees. It is here that she also trains Aeromancers. With the help of her appointed Grandmaster, known as Lorokoa, they have formed The Order of the Four Winds, a mage order of sorts which is dedicated to protecting the city, as well as the region to those who would threaten it.

Ilm'Atar is the quiet one amongst the Elemental Council. She will just float there, observing the discussions at hand, only speaking when she feels it's needed. Such is her quietness, she does not like being dragged into confrontations which do not concern her directly and will avoid it as much as possible. However, in the council she will try and stay on friendly terms with the other Elemental Lords as she fears a possible war with any of them. A generally kind soul, she still holds feelings towards mortals, seeing them as children to be nurtured and will gladly offer her guidance if they need it.

In combat, again, she detests direct confrontations. She will use powerful gusts of wind to keep her opponents away from her and then strike with bolts of lightning. One other technique she uses is to fling her opponents in the air and drop them from a significant height. There is one technique that she only uses as a last resort, as she views it as vulgar. This involves her sucking the air from her opponent's lungs and suffocating them to death.

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