Placeholder/ Ereban Concept

Across the twisting nether of demonic space and time, the Burning Legion crashes against all dimensions and world with demonic fire, those who leave the Legion flee to the void and gather in the sinister enclave of The Ruinous Coven.

The Ruinous Coven is a community of Demonic, Undead creatures and nefarious characters who form "Ghettos" throughout the Ereban Empire. They hold no loyalties and heed no call to their former demonic masters (Although that is sometimes questioned by the high echelons of Ereban). Their purpose for existence in Ereban is merely to gain power and spread their influence, trading all manner of demonic artifacts, spells and commodities on black market trades.

One would find a slight hint of a slum upon entering a ghetto of The Ruinous Coven. The area would be clustered with shabby and messy architecture and demonic constructs. The streets would be littered with lost souls, demonic masters and undead monstrosities either working or peddling their sinister wares. Mercenaries and criminals much like that of the mortal organizations would find these ghettos an excellent place of business, somtimes setting up taverns to attract more of their kind. The entire market and center of these crude establishments designed to seduce and corrupt the opportunists who infect the entire expanse of The Void.

Their infestation is tolerated if only as useful bacteria on a living organism, but they are kept in check by the Elemental Lords of Ereban who often have no love for their demonic taint.

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